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Export Development

The Electrical & Electronics (E&E) industry is one of the leading industries, contributing 24.5 per cent to the manufacturing sector in the Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). E&E products have been the largest traded items for Malaysia for several decades since the industry inception in the 1960s. The industry evolution until today has turned Malaysia as one of the leading points in the global E&E value chain.

In 2012, Malaysia’s exports of E&E products was valued at RM231.23 billion, with 49.2 per cent share of manufactured goods exports and 32.9 per cent share of Malaysia’s total exports. Major export destinations are China, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

E&E products were also the largest imports amounted to RM175.00 billion, representing a share of 37.8% of manufactured goods imports and 28.8% of Malaysia’s total imports. Malaysia’s top import sources for E&E products are China, Singapore, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

The industry can be classified into two sectors namely the electrical and electronics sector.